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Legalization of Documents

Submission of documents for legalization must require the following conditions:

  • To be translated to Tajik or Russian languages;
  • To be confirmed by local Notary;
  • To be legalized by origin country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other official body;
  • In case of copy legalization, the Notary confirmed copy is needed;

Rules of legalization’s processing:

  • Legalization fee: (per each document) – 50, 00 US Dollars (for natural person) and 150 US dollars (for legal entity);
  • * No cash payments are accepted.
  • Consideration of documents submitted for legalization takes 5 working days, from submission’s date. In exceptional cases the consideration term can be extended till 10 working days;
  • Express consideration of documents for legalization takes from 24 to 48 hours and costs double price;
  • The amount will not be returned to the applicant, if the document or information about the applicant has not revealed or applicant refused from legalization of documents.