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Ordinary visa

Dear visitors,

          The Republic of Tajikistan is cordially and heartily welcoming any visitors from all over the world.

          Applicants traveling to Tajikistan can apply for their visa online through website www.visa.gov.tj

          In order to get a visa to Tajikistan, it is kindly suggested to complete online application form. If the applicant wants to get the visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan to the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to choose the site of issuance “UAE, Abu Dhabi” while completing online application form.

          While completing online application form, it is also necessary to upload:

          -support letter (letter of invitation, letter of company, personal visa request letter etc.),

          -one passport size photo,

          -copy of passport (main page). Passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Tajikistan.

Payments for the Consular Services can be made by the following ways:

  • by Bank transfer directly to the Embassy account;
  • by payment in any branch of FAB Bank;
  • by Bank Card upon getting visa at the Embassy*

Note: When paying by Card charges are applied*

  • In case of processing express visa, applicant must pay double fee irrespective of the category of visa.
  • Applicant or his/her representative is responsible to check the validity of issued visa before undertaking the trip to Tajikistan. In case of appearance of incorrect or missing data rather than indicated in filled application form, Consular Section of the Embassy must be timely informed and requested for a proper amendment.
Visa termSingleDoubleMultiple
One week$ 60$65 
Two weeks$ 70$75$80 
One month$100 $120$140
45 days$110 $130$150
Two months$120 $140$160
Three months$150 $170$190
Six months$180  $200 $220
One year$220$240$260

Kuhistoni Badakhshon – Autonomous Province of Tajikistan (VMKB) is the frontier territory of Tajikistan and has special permission entry (has its entry permission stamp, which is put in valid passport separately if it is applied to), which is valid to visit Khorugh, Darvoz, Vanj, Rushon, Ishkoshim and Murghob districts. Foreign citizens traveling to VMKB must underline his/her visit to VMKB in the same application form which is for visa issuance fee for special permission is 20 US Dollars.